Nature Pure

The Quetzal, Pharomachrus Mocinno, is considered to be one of the most beautiful birds of the new world. With its green and red glittering feathers he ranks among the most magnificent in appearance in the tropical mountain forests of Costa Rica. The male Resplendent Qetzals have long, slender tail-coverts, which extend far beyond his tail in an elegant train and were particularly sought after for decoration by the cultures of the Aztecs and the Maya. The Quetzal is still found in large numbers in the forests of Costa Rica. Due to a high level of protection there is little or no danger of extinction.

Celebrating our 25th anniversary Amadeus Travel CR wants to use this opportunity to thank all our customers for travelling with us. We feel very pleased with the honor to have received the highest possible certification regarding sustainable tourism by the National Tourism Institute of Costa Rica. It encourages us to achieve the highest possible standards in terms of the quality of our tours and the education and training of our team.