Costa Rica is known worldwide as a leader in sustainable tourism.


In recent years and in addition to the obvious environmental and conservation efforts there are much broader developments in the areas of education, social services, resource-conservation operations, standardization of procedures, ethics, culture and much, much more.


Sustainable tourism means for us, Amadeus, to be aware of the great responsibility we have as a travel agency and our awareness as to which tourist destinations are visited on our tours within Costa Rica and how are local partners deal with the issue of sustainability and control our own operations accordingly.

An important part of this philosophy is the socio-economic and ecological impact of a tourism company. The revenue from tourism to the country and its people bring improved living standards while also preserving customs, cultures, nature and biodiversity.


Amadeus has for many years supported various projects in the fields of nature conservation, culture, education and recycling. Anyone who has experienced the beauty and diversity of this country will, we hope, agree with our philosophy and contribute so that future generations may have the same opportunities.

 Responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism that is our business!

Celebrating our 25th anniversary Amadeus Travel CR wants to use this opportunity to thank all our customers for travelling with us. We feel very pleased with the honor to have received the highest possible certification regarding sustainable tourism by the National Tourism Institute of Costa Rica. It encourages us to achieve the highest possible standards in terms of the quality of our tours and the education and training of our team.