Ballena de Osa School

The school is located in the Ballena educational zone "Grande del Térraba" (near the Marino Ballena National Park), is currently attended by 6 students and employs a teacher for all grades as well as a support teacher (1x per week). It consists of two small classrooms, a dining room, 3 bathrooms, an auditorium, a teacher's house and large garden areas. It was founded in 1964 by a few families from the same community who wanted to allow their children access to education and a better future.


The small number of parents and their lack of financial resources (poor farm workers or property guards from the local area) are the main reasons that these small schools need improvement.


The aim of the project is to make improvements to school buildings and grounds and to enhance the safety and enjoyment of school children. The key focus is a healthy and comfortable environment for the development of teaching methods and to promote the acquisition of knowledge. 


Among the specific objectives of the project:


• Restoration of the walls and floors of the entire school

• Installing windows in the dining room

• Ensuring drinking water quality through the purchase of filter systems

• Provide sporting activities through the creation of a small basketball court

• Creating hydroponics garden for their own consumption and thereby reducing food costs

• Enhancement of the school with the repair of a fountain in the schools entrance.

• Increase the safety of students through the installation of a fence around the school grounds.

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