Sustainable Tourism


Costa Rica, the jewel of Central America offers in addition to its pristine and unique landscapes an extremely diverse and interesting cultural background that can only be discovered through the first hand experience of interaction with the people their traditions and customs.


With sustainable tourism Costa Rica’s hidden sides are brought to life and in terms of supply, organization and manpower involved it is very different from the usual mass tourism. The focus here is always on the conservation of biological diversity thus ensuring the environmental quality of soil, water, air and climate. A benefit is a reduction in the consumption of valuable resources, increasing efficiency with the use of both natural and cultural resources.


With Amadeus, you can travel on alternative routes well away from the conventional tourist trail and experience, while in close contact with nature and the local people the diversity of Costa Rica in its entirety. You have the option, day tours or multi-day adventure tours to small rural communities or indigenous reserves, meeting the local population with their customs and traditions all in an enchanting landscape.


Would you like to be a part of everyday life, feeling more as guest rather than a tourist? Explore with experienced Campesino Leaders the impressive rain and fascinating mangrove forests with Cost Rica’s diversity of wildlife. Spend some time with the women of Yorkin, a small village in the Talamanca Bribri-Indian territory, and learn about their way of life. Harvest organic vegetables that you can later enjoy at dinner. Let your self be inspired by the stories and legends of the campesino (rural) life and learn more about the environmental activities of the villagers.


It is difficult to summarize the diversity and richness of rural tourism in a few words, but the following aspects are surely among them:


  • A very warm sincere welcome.
  • Authentic adventure.
  • Cultural exchange.
  • The possibility with local tourist guides to discover unspoiled landscapes.
  • The ability to actively support conservation projects.
  • Warmth and hospitality.




Information about the Law against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Amadeus Travel Agency declares itself a vehement defender of the integrity and Rights of Costa Ricans in general, adults, teenagers, boys and girls, for this reason it will carry out its tourist activities under the strictest guidelines of respect toward Laws No. 8204 of Narcotics, psychotropic substances, drugs of unauthorized use, legitimization of capital and connected activities; No 7476 against Sexual Harassment in the work place and in education and Law No 7899 against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.


We will divulge among our collaborators, clients suppliers and families that sex with minors in Costa Rica is penalized by jail.


Our message towards collaborators, clients, suppliers and families emphasizes that children and adolescents must never be blamed or held responsible for the acts to which they have been induced or forced into by the exploiters.


We will promote the creation of a “zero tolerance” culture against all forms of exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents, so as to modify the deeply rooted cultural patterns that justify authoritarianism, discretion, and arbitrariness with which adults act towards girls, boys and adolescents.


In our message towards collaborators, clients, suppliers and families we will insist on the fact that the problem is not only the responsibility of the State, and much less of the victims themselves or their families, or their immediate social contexts, so that an effort on everyone´s behalf is required.


In our message towards collaborators, clients, suppliers and families we will insist on letting them know that when boys, girls and adolescents are sexually exploited many other Rights are also violated ( the Right to physical and mental health, to education, to family life, to play and to recreation) so that those rights must also be restored.


In our message to our collaborators, clients, suppliers and families we will insist upon the idea that boys, girls and adolescents must be treated as victims of the people that benefit directly or indirectly from commercial social exploitation and of those that tolerate this situation.


We will invite them by means of written and formal statements to become a part of the Code of Conduct, guiding them, when necessary, about the requirements for their signature.


We will support “Paniamor” Foundation in, at least one, of the protection projects for our boys and girls.



Costa Rica is "Champion of the Earth 2019" - The "Green Heart of Central America" has been honored with the highest environmental award of the United Nations


In 2019, Costa Rica became the first nation to receive the "Champion of the Earth" award in the "Political Leadership" category from the UN Environment Program (UNEP) for its commitment to conservation and ambitious measures to combat climate change.


"Champions of the Earth" is the world's most important environmental award of the United Nations. Launched in 2005, it recognizes outstanding pioneers whose actions have a positive impact on the environment. The other four 2019 winners were honored in the categories of Entrepreneurial Vision, Inspiration and Action, as well as Science and Innovation.


"The country is a pioneer of peace and nature conservation, and thus a model for the whole world," said Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program, adding: "Climate change urgently requires transformative action from all of us. Costa Rica is facing this challenge with its ambitious plans. We must act now to create cleaner, more resilient economies. Reducing emissions is the key and it is exemplary that Costa Rica is taking such decisive steps in this direction."


Costa Rica unveiled a carbon-reduction plan in February 2019, which includes reforms to transport, energy, waste and land use. The goal is to achieve a net emission of zero by 2050. This means that the country does not produce more emissions than is compensated for by its own measures, such as the preservation and expansion of forests.Already today, more than 95 percent of energy consumption comes from renewable sources and the forested area is more than 50 percent. In 2017, Costa Rica supplied a record-breaking 300 days of renewable energy. By 2030, the use of these energy sources should reach 100 percent and 70 percent of all buses and taxis will be electrified (100% electrification planned for 2050).


Costa Rica's pioneering role in promoting clean technologies and sustainability is all the more remarkable because the country, which has a population of around five million, accounts for only 0.4 percent of global emissions. "To receive the 'Champions of the Earth' award on behalf of Costa Rica fills me with pride for what Costa Rica has already achieved and for what we want to achieve in the future," said President Carlos Alvarado Quesada at the award ceremony.


We would like to thank all our guests who have been travelling with us since 1994 in the most beautiful time of the year - their well-deserved holidays. When developing itineraries for groups and individual travelers, selecting our local service partners and caring about the well-being of our guests, we always focus on the highest possible quality standards. Since the founding of Amadeus Travel, we have been committed to sustainable tourism as the only long-term viable form of tourism, e.g. through our social commitment, visiting and supporting private and state nature reserves as well as the training of our team and experienced, fully licenced tour guides.