Coffee Growers in the 4th Generation
Family Bello

At the end of the 19th Century a young man named Juan Rodriguez Bello travels from Spain as a stowaway on a cargo ship bound for an unknown destination. After several months of aimless travel Juan ends up on Costa Rican soil. In order to ensure his survival, he initially works as a vegetable picker and later found work as a miner in a gold mine. Due to his enthusiasm and his willingness to work he quickly rose to the job as foreman of a group of 20 miners.


During this time he began to love the area El Dos de Abangares and started to buy land until he was in possession of 240 hectares. He built his first house with his own hands, learning to cut wood using a large hand saw. At that time, it was one of the best-built houses in the area.


Today family Bello puts great effort in maintaining this little gem, the house in which they were born and grew up in, and for some died in. Its walls and floors are still original as with the gardens that lay around the house which over the years provided them with their daily food.


Now the fourth generation of the Bello family live on this fertile land: Each of the grandchildren of Juan Rodriguez Bello has specialized in different areas. Nair is a coffee taster, Adolfo coffee roaster, Isabel studied in the tourism sector and leads the visitors with love through the gardens, the old house and to art of coffee production starting with the seeds to harvesting. Aleidi writes and tells stories about the family, Erick and Geovanny are both nature lovers and bird experts working as a nature guides in the area. Each of them has retained a love for coffee and for nature. Their plantation produces one of the best coffees in the area and is also one of the few certified 100% organic coffees.


Family Bello have exclusively opened their doors to Amadeus customers, letting them learn more about the culture of coffee, about how both ecologically and environmentally coffee is grown and harvested.


Tourism is for the family a second source of income that they to support their children’s further education. Nevertheless, the hope remains that even if they were to develop in other directions, they will still retain the love of their country as had their great-grandfather.

Be heartily welcomed by the family Bello, who will receive you with open arms!

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