Puppet theatre project in schools

From personal convictions, and to give future clients of Amadeus Travel the opportunity to experience and admire the natural beauty of Costa Rica we have committed ourselves again and again on many different levels for the preservation of our precious environment. One such project is the financing of puppet shows with the theme "Recycling" at various elementary schools in Costa Rica.


The project has the aim to educate children about the prevention and reduction of waste generation as well as the use of reusable materials as they have little or no knowledge about recycling. The theatre group "Los Muchachos del barrio" directed by Cristian Amador has tailored its program to children of different age groups and has dedicated more than 17 years towards this responsible task. The basic idea is that the children at the end of this performance see the topic of waste separation and reduction with different eyes, take new ideas back home, and this is slowly changing the thinking within the family.


The actors of the theatre group perform with a lot of dedication, professionalism and this is evident from the pleasure at every performance. For the children, who often come from very poor backgrounds, a visit of the theatre group beside the learning curve is usually a very welcome change in their daily lives.

The project has already been successfully carried out at the following schools:

• Escuela Tranquilino Saenz: San Juan de Santa Barbara
• Escuela y children Green Bridge: San Juan de Santa Barbara
• Escuela de Sarchi Norte: Alajuela
• Escuela Curubande: Guanacaste

So that the children can successfully implement their newly acquired knowledge, these schools also supported Amadeus by providing large containers for waste separation within the school grounds.

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute ICT supports Amadeus in an exemplary manner.
Big thanks from this site to the ICT and Canatur.

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